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In using this website you agree to the following:

Using the abc Wedding Directory:
Images and other content must be suitable for viewing by the general users of any age on this site. It must also not include content which is intended to cause offense to anyone viewing the directory.  Any content that is deemed as unsuitable will not be approved.

You agree to use the data such as contact details for the sole purpose of potentially using the business or service, or to use the data for marketing, cold calling or website harvesting.

You agree that any reviews you add (although can be negative if you have encountered a bad experience with the company or service) will not be defamatory or libelous.

(Please see FAQs page and Tips for information on how to add a listing)
You must be a UK based wedding supplier or service. When adding a listing you agree to make sure to your knowledge that all information entered is correct. Text in descriptions must not be copied and pasted text from your website. (This is classed as duplicate content and will do your website no favours in search engine results). Please write the descriptions specifically for your listing. You agree to pay any fees required for premium or featured listings you submit. *

We do not allow duplicate listings, or multiple accounts. If your business covers different areas or has extra addresses please add the information to your oringinal listing. If you cover more than one service which fits in a different catagory, you can create extra listings using your original account. (Please do not duplicate the content or your listing can be refused without notice).

Website links must be correct. They must not point to dead links or a website that is not associated with the business/service that is being listed.

The admin will contact you if for any reason we can not approve your listing or any edits you might have done. Any business which has been listed and found to be not based in the UK or a fraudulent company will be removed from the site.

If in the unfortunate circumstance your business or service is no longer trading, please contact us so we may remove your listing. This will save you possibly still being contacted by potential customers. If you have an issue with any listing please contact us, so we can deal with the issue promptly.

* IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that all fees are non refundable.
Any fees paid by those listing a fraudulent company or found not to be based in the UK where the listing is refused are also not refundable.

We hold the right to remove:
Any account not activated within 3 days of creation.
Listings found to be fraudulent or not based in the UK.
Duplicate listings - This includes listings that contain duplicate content found on your website or other directories.
Any accounts we believe are multiple accounts for the same business/user or any activated accounts that within one one of activation have not created a listing.
Reviews which are classed as offensive or include defamatory statements.

We hold the right to change:
Any of our business listing packages and prices (This includes removing, adding and enhancing any of the package listing options available).

We hold the right to:
Amend our terms and conditions at any time.